Lyme Wars Episode #4 - Andrographis Paniculata

by Stephen Brown on August 20, 2013, Lyme Wars: Fighting Lyme Disease Naturally RSS Feed

I'm back!! So strap yourself to the nearest Ancient Oak, tall building, or steaming locomotive, and lets ride out this Lyme Tornado!! Today I will talk about another of the "Buhner Core Protocol" herbs-- Andrographis paniculata.

This is one bodaciously BITTER buckaroo, Betsy!! But bitter is what spirochetes and parasites fear more than Kryptonite!! These Super Bugs start corkscrewing backwards at the mere thought of this extreme bitterness. Punish the wretches!! Blast 'em with Bitter! Herbalists have always said that "bitter is better". Plants and foods that are bitter build your immunity, enhance your digestion, help you to lose weight rationally (!), and build your resistance to poisons.

So here is what Stephen Buhner says about this plant medicine (page 78) :

"Andrographis is perhaps the best primary herb to use in the treatment of Lyme Disease. It is anti-spirochetal, enhances immune function, protects heart muscle, is anti-inflammatory (helping with arthritic symptoms), crosses the blood/brain barrier where it is active both as an anti-spirochetal and calming agent; enhances liver function and protects the liver; helping clear infection from the body."

Because Andrographis has shown significant protective effects against inflammation-mediated neurodegeneration in the brain, it is essential to use in Lyme Disease. It easily crosses the blood/brain barrier and accumulates in significant quantities in central nervous system tissues-- brain, spinal chord, and cerebral-spinal fluid.

Specific indications: Borrelia spp. infection, with heart involvement, with arthritic inflammation, with low immune function, brain fog, confusion. Neuroborreliosis. Generally: any Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato infection.

POINT OF INFORMATION: Because if its bitterness, some few people have had upset stomach. A few people are allergic to Andrographis. This is WHY-- as with many formulas or "simples" (single herb extracts)-- you must always start your dosing at very low levels and BUILD to your treatment dose. Botanical medicines are generally FAR safer than pharmaceutical drugs, but use caution and common sense when dosing.

LYME_AID_BUHNER Yahoo Group, and Lyme politics:

Here is a submission that came in this morning, by a member of the group"

"I don't understand how people are taking all these different herbs without
doctors supervision."

I responded with this:

"I fully understand why people are taking "all these different herbs without doctors supervision" : Medical Doctors know nothing about them. Medical Doctors were not trained to know anything about them. You might as well ask the plumber to wire your house; or ask a lawyer to repair that pesky carburator on your 1937 LaSalle Coup. Herbalists were trained in plant medicine, MD's were not. Don't ask a herbalist to perform that tricky brain surgery on your Aunt Bertha, and don't ask a doctor to prescribe herbs to treat Lyme Disease. Simple."

And another Lyme_Aid_Buhner member responded with

"It's called taking your health into your own hands, trusting that
you are intelligent or intuitive enough to figure out what your body needs,
and persevering enough to seeing it through. Most sick people start off
going to doctors, but the ones who don't get enough help from doctors
eventually have to forge their own path. And some people learn so much
from the great doctors--herbalists-healers that they work with along the way--
that they start to figure out what they need."

So, People!! No one is going to "fix" you, or your Lyme!! THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET ! You must take responsibility for your OWN healing. You must PARTICIPATE in your own healing. You must be PERSISTENT and "go deep", just like the spirochete does. MOST doctors are unable to help you beyond antibiotics. Thank Heavens there are some very special Lyme Literate MD's / LLMD's who are able to assist you in your battle with Lyme. But even with a highly competent and compassionate MD, you still must educate yourself and participate actively in your recovery.

Ok-- PASS THIS ON to others! There are MANY who need help. And STAY TUNED for the next exciting (maddening?!!?) Episode of World War Lyme. And, as always--

Help one another. Recycle/reuse/rebuild. Be conscious. Eat well. Know who your plant friends are--get to know them. Love health and one another

-- Stephan