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Lyme Wars #3: Japanese Knotweed Facilitates Blood Flow to Hard-to-Reach Areas; Herbs to Defeat Lyme Spirochetes

by Stephen Brown on July 26, 2013

Lyme Disease ?  We can help.

Lyme Wars #2: A Call to Action - Coming Together to Fight Lyme Disease

by Stephen Brown on July 21, 2013


Greetings again from the sandy home of The Lyme Wars-- Olde Cape Cod.

Stephen Buhner's Healing Lyme BookAs I said in the first episode, I will be primarily discussing "the Stephen Buhner Protocol" as presented in his "must read" book, "Healing Lyme: Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis and It's Coinfections". If you have not already acquired this book, you may get a copy HERE.

FIRST off, let me give you a little more about the scope of the Lyme Wars, which I have decided to call "World War Lyme", or WWL for short.

Buhner, Pages 2 and 3: 

"I began my examination of Lyme Disease (Ed: hearafter LD, for brevity's sake) without preconceptions, motivated by a desire (as I still am) to understand the organism, the disease it causes, and a wish to sensibly expand the scope of treatment options.

"Expand the scope of treatment options" he has indeed. And a VERY well-researched presentation is his book. He goes on to say :

"SIX POINTS stand out after a rather long and intense examination of the existing material:
  1. There is a lot of hysteria about Lyme Disease. Everybody is pretty scared, most are not really sure what to do, INCLUDING the physicians;
  2. There are a lot more sick people than the statistics indicate;
  3. Antibiotics are not NEARLY as effective as purported to be;
  4. Clear, concise, unemotional information is hard to obtain;
  5. Tests for Lyme Disease are not very reliable;
  6. Something very strange is going on in the field of Lyme disease and its treatment."

Ok, I could cite many many more commentaries on this UNDER-reporting of Lyme by the medical people (This is what Buhner means when he says- "Something very strange is going on in the field of Lyme disease and its treatment."),  but why bother citing them??  You and I KNOW that this is one of the most under-reported diseases in the history of the world. So lets move on to what you REALLY want to know--


  • Do the medical people have a CLUE as to how to treat this very complex disease other than antibiotics??
  • Has your Medical Doctor (MD) EVER suggested a treatment that will help your own body to resist and overcome LD??
  • When the antibiotic prescribed for you did NOT work, did your MD say something OTHER THAN- "We'll try a new antibiotic" ?? If he or she DID, would you please share that information with other Lyme sufferers??

Thank you so much… from ALL of us.

So Here is Your Homework--

Please write to me NOW ( and SHARE what your MD has suggested for treatment options OTHER THAN another course of antibiotics. I will look at your letters and pass this information on to others who are trying to win WWL.

AND… as soon as I have gathered sufficient information, I WILL be writing to the Mainstream Media and asking them to convey this information to others who suffer.

STAY TUNED for the next episode of "The Lyme Wars" in which I will be sharing feedback, and beginning to tell you about the plants that may help you to "DEFEAT THE SPIROCHETE!".

As always- "Eat well. Be conscious. Recycle/reuse/rebuild. Help one another. Know who your plant friends are-- get to know them. Love health and one another"

-- Stephan

Lyme Wars #1: Treating Lyme Disease Naturally

by Stephen Brown on July 18, 2013


What you are about to read is my-- and YOUR-- opening volley in our War on Lyme Disease. This series will be archived on my website,  Check back often, and share, share, share!

You will be shocked. You will be enraged by parts of these presentations. But you WILL also be given hope and encouragement as we move along into this painful war that is, in fact, becoming a true World War. Because help IS available for those who make the effort to educate themselves and "look outside the box".

I ask that you bear with me and follow the series I am about to write. If, by good fortune, you have not yet been infected with Lyme Disease, you WILL know someone who has (guaranteed!). Please pass on this information-- because the mainstream Media will not. We must all become guerilla fighters, operating 'under the Establishment's radar', and helping one another through to a healthy peace.  As with cancer (which took my own mother in 1984), Corporate America does not want you to know about the "oldest medicine on Earth"-- the plants. There is no profit for them in the plants. You know this already.

FIRST-- know for certain that that the soldiers in the opposing army are NOT all spirochetes!  There are United States citizens, your own countrymen, who are "putting you in harm's way". These neighborhood enemies are the medical doctors who refuse to listen to you, and believe you. They are the health insurance executives who refuse to pay for your treatments. They are the pharmaceutical companies who want only to "make a profit",  not help people to be well . They are the monied, powerful, Establishment-supported media companies that continuously refuse to acknowledge, to announce (radio and tv), or to write about the facts of Lyme Disease.

Keep up the good fight. Help one another by sharing information, because not even your own government, whose charge and purpose it is to take care of the Commons, "we the people", will help to research botanical medicines. Nor will your government bother to conduct a survey of those who DO work with botanical medicines so that you will know what plants are helpful.  We must do this work ourselves. Let us begin.

FOR STARTERS,  here are a few excerpts I took off on the internet :

"Lyme disease is the most commonly reported vector-borne illness in the United States--in 2011, it was the 6th most common Nationally Notifiable disease.  This disease …  is concentrated heavily in the Northeast and upper Midwest."

"Of the total vector-borne illnesses found in the United States, Lyme disease is by far the most prominent and it accounts for more than 95% of the vector borne cases of illness in the country. Lyme disease has surpassed AIDS as one of the fastest growing infectious epidemics in our nation"

"Lyme Disease is a major problem all over, and cases have been documented in just about every part of the world. Lyme Disease knows no borders. It knows no nationalities, no races, and no political systems. As a virulent bacterial infection, Lyme Disease simply spreads, and spreads, and spreads, and, if something isn't done, the worldwide cases of Lyme Disease will continue to rapidly increase."

Stay tuned for the next episode as I begin delving into natural, mostly-herbal treatments for Lyme, with a specific focus on the Stephen Buhner protocol from his brilliant book, "Healing Lyme: Natural Healing and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis and it's Coinfections."