A "Night on Bald Mountain" in New Hampshire

by Stephen Brown on November 10, 2012, News RSS Feed

Enjoying my morning coffee in New Hampshire!Autumn is upon us -- and this the MOST beautiful month of the year. I do LOVE October and November! 

Right after Labor Day I took a brief trip up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire, then over to the Green Mountains in Vermont. I was in very northern VT at the village of Island Pond, where my friends Kepha and Lebana and their daughter Ava live with the Twelve Tribes community. So peaceful up there after a very busy summer on Cape Cod.

But the MOST beautiful night was the one I spent on Mount Deception Road, 3 miles from a paved road. Alone.. Very alone.. in the White Mountains woods in a wild and windy, driving-rain night. Snug and warm and dry was I, in the back of my little pickup truck, encased in one of those small camper "caps" listening to the rain pounding very loudly on the tin roof. Wow! It was a real "Wowser" night!

By 6am, the rain had stopped and the forest was as completely silent as I have EVER experienced. Not a bird, not a breath of breeze. COMPLETE silence.  

And now my time of escape and peace has drifted by, and the fall farm chores are ahead. Putting plants to bed; cutting, splitting, stacking firewood for the winter shop stoves; making herbal products and medicines; minding the Apothecary; tending to the chickens; and planning for Spring.

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