A Time of Transition and Confusion for Everyone!

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A Time of TransitionI will not reiterate what you have already heard so many times and are now very aware of. But in this time of great transition around the world, when we can no longer hold onto the beliefs and rituals and daily routines we were so accustomed to, when our lives seem to have a weaker sense of direction, and when our "moral compass" is not reading as true a direction as we'd like.

And then, of course, there was the Super Storm, "Sandy". Followed by the post-election Big Blow storm. Expect more and more of these crazy weather events.  

Start growing your own food, folks. Hard times are a-comin' .

Go Back to Your ROOTS.

Go back to the very basics of life on Earth: excellent, fresh, organic food; wild fish from the oceans; clean, chemical-free water; friendships with like-minded people; and, of course, the medicines that Nature has been providing for us for eons-- the plants.

LEAVE THE GREED and return to community life. Every day, try to buy something LESS from corporations and from foreign countries, even sometimes, far-away states. "SUPPORT THE LOCALS!" "BUY FRESH, BUY LOCAL!" Become a "Locavore".  Find others who feel as you do and ACT locally.

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