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WINTER TRAVELS 2014 Episode #1

by Stephen Brown on February 16, 2014


NOTE!! I am a "computer dummy" so to see the pics that go with this blog, go to the web site :  and HOPEfully you will see them. Duh.. wish I knew more about this technology.

Wow.. what a country !!  As much as I am nauseated by the politics, the PHYSICAL BEAUTY of this country of ours (?) is incredible !! Joshua Tree National Park was spectacularly silent and timeless. High Desert. "Dry as a bone." Amazing and beautiful geology. A place for the Spirit to ponder and be at peace. Sunrises and sunsets….

Pismo State Park on the coast above Santa Barbara-- THOUSANDS of people out here on the beach for the long Presidents' Day Weekend. HUNDREDS of campers, motor homes, trucks, cars, and ATV's (those little All Terrain Vehicles, driven mostly by kids) by the hundreds. Californians know how to party, "fer shur" !! Campfires all up and down the beach tonight.

Tomorrow I begin the slow drive up the spectacular California Coast. But I am a poke, a dawdler. I like to savor the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of all that comes near me. I stop often and take pictures and videos. Maybe when I finally figure out how to make a movie of all my travels, we will have a "Movie Night" at the shop for all who are interested, and who came with me-- via these Travel Logs-- on this wonderful trip around the country.  Let's DO IT !! Ha.

Some years ago I found several beautiful animal hide, Native American hand drums at a yard sale in Harwich, and occasionally have a solo evening drumming session at the farm. I brought my favorite drum on this trip and have decided to drum as I travel about the country. I imagine that I am bringing the Spirit of our own Wompanoag People in greeting  from the east to all of the other Native American tribes, and of course to all "sentient beings", creatures big and small.  It is a wonderful time of peace, connection, and sharing-- something all people desperately need around the whole world. Hope you all in your own individual ways can send thoughts of love and connection to all of the other Peoples of the world.

We have sunk very low under the weight of greed and self-centeredness and we humans are killing the Mother that sustains us. Never forget that the plants were given to us FOR FREE, and that they are the ONLY truly sustainable medicine. Please try to learn about these gifts that were given to us through millions of years of evolution. I am (finally!) planning to give classes at the farm this Spring so that you can learn more about how to use these magical gifts from Nature.

In the meantime, PLEASE get ahold of a copy of David Hoffmann's "New Holistic Herbal" . It is out of print, so go to Amazon, or a library. This is the BEST "herbal" ever written, and costs under $20 ! This will help you immensely in your quest for herbal knowledge. I am hoping to get together with David when I reach Northern California.

As always--  "Help one another. Recycle/reuse/rebuild. Be conscious. Eat well. Know who your plant friends are--get to know them. Love health and one another"-- Stephan
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