First Aid Spray

First Aid Spray

  • $18.00

Witch Hazel is one of nature's best astringents (high in tannins); beneficial for itching, pains, bug bites, and stings, scrapes, inflammation, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, diaper rash, cuts... wow.

INGREDIENTS: Extract from the leaves, flowers and bark of Hamamaelis virginiana, Plantain (Plantago spp.) Yarrow (Archillea millifolium), Calendula officinalis, Echinacea spp., St Johns wort (Hypericum perforartum), Myrrh (Commiphora myrrha) in organic alcohol and distilled water. Net Wt. 2 fl. oz.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe for any illness. If you have health care concerns, please consult your health care practitioner.

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