Moon Madness Gladness Tea

Moon Madness Gladness Tea

  • $21.00

For those ’special’ times when time is tedious, the mind delirious, the temperament tenuous, and estrogen is NO friend! When your insides are outside, your outside’s on a "Nantucket sleigh ride", and your brain is on an inter-galactic flight to (get this ladies...) the Pleiedes! Ooooh, be glad, so glad, to have Moon Madness Gladness - "the savior in a teacup".

INGREDIENTS: 100% ORGANIC HERBS !  Bupleurum, Wild Yam, Ginger, Dandelion root, Licorice, Yellow Dock, Dong Quai, and Vitex berry, orange peel.  Net Wt. 140 grams

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