Harvest Season on the Farm!

Harvest Season on the Farm!

Spring and Summer is when we harvest the most herbs from our farm
Herbal Apothecary

Herbal Apothecary

GREAT CAPE HERBS started its life in 1967 as "The College Yard Service", evolved into "Eastleigh Nurseries" in 1973, and became "The Great Cape Cod Herb, Spice, and Tea Company" on the Summer Solstice of 1991. To simplify the name, and to more clearly indicate our focus, we became Great Cape Herbs in the mid 1990's (under the umbrella of Great Cape Enterprises, LLC).
The organic farm and old-fashioned Herbal Apothecary are owned by self-taught "village herbalist" Stephan Brown. As with the traditional medicines of all indigenous cultures, our Great Cape's herbal formulas are SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and INEXPENSIVE. Some create results quite quickly, but most take time, as the body (and mind) benefit from Nature's healing spirit. We are small and personal-- just the way we like it. We're not out to get rich with money, because we are rich in our choice of profession. We are unable to supply very large quantities to stores, because we choose to know our customers personally. It is nice to know that our remedies go from our hands to yours-- not through wholesalers, "middle men", "department managers", etc. However, because of their high respect for premium herbal medicines, we DO like to convey our products to other practitioners of herbal medicine, such as Naturopathic Doctors (ND's), accupuncturists (LAc's), Homeopaths, Nutritional Consultants, etc. If you call us during business hours, you will talk to a "real person"! Pretty unheard-of these days. Finally-- we do NO advertising beyond this web site, though occasionally we print a small catalogue to hand out at the Apothecary. We rely almost completely upon "word of mouth" : the recommendations that our friend/customers pass on to others. IF you are pleased with what we provide, we will GREATLY APPRECIATE your telling a friend or acquaintance, either directly by a real 'face-to-face' talk, or through FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or other "social media" ways of sharing. NEWSLETTER: If you sign up for our Great Cape Newsletter, you will tap into a great source of herbal health information, as well as previews of upcoming classes and/or events. Every one of these Newsletters over the past 20 years has been "signed off" in the following way, which I leave you with now: Thanks for listening. Help one another. Recycle/reuse/rebuild. Be conscious. Eat well. Know who your plant friends are--get to know them. Love health and one another-- Stephan

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We are now offering consultations upon request. Please check the consultation category under our products to purchase online or call us to learn more about setting up your appointment.
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